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As survivors of intolerance, slavery, persecution, marginalisation and discrimination, we believe that a ‘Jewish voice for human rights’ carries an authoritative weight of experience that adds force to advocacy and awareness raising efforts.

Calling out Genocide

Our namesake, Monsieur René Cassin, co-drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in response to the atrocities committed in the Holocaust, and was of many Jews involved in establishing a post-war framework to ensure the horror of the Jewish experience of the Holocaust would ‘never again’ be repeated.

Protecting Human Rights in the UK

International human rights law developed in response to the horrors of Holocaust; a practical expression of the necessity to ensure that nation states would never again be allowed to oppress their own citizens. It is a framework that based on the principle that human rights are universal and indivisible.

Hostile Environment

The last decade has posed enormous challenges to the human rights that establish a humane, just and dignified life for people reaching British shores. Policies in the UK have created an ever more hostile environment to migrants and refugees.

Discrimination and Marginalisation

The lead up to the Holocaust saw the marginalisation of groups for their religion, identity and political views, including Jews, Roma, disabled people and gay people.

Right to Food

Everyone has the right to access nutritious and equitable food that is both religiously and culturally appropriate. stainable food. Our right to food campaign advocates the realisation of the Right to Food in UK law.

Womens Rights

At a time when women and girls are facing harassment and assault on a large scale across the UK, it is important to remind society about the universality of fundamental human rights and their Jewish legacy.


René Cassin events complement our work on key human rights issues and provide a forum for our supporters to get involved

“I found this event extraordinarily moving and profound. Well done for organising this, for your courage and honesty and for radical solidarity in these dark times….
thanks to you and the team for a really powerful and informative event. The mixture of personal testimony with political analysis worked really well.”

Missing Migrant Children – Lessons from the Kindertransport Events, March 2023

Israel-Gaza: ICC Prosecutor’s application for arrest warrants

Israel-Gaza: ICC Prosecutor’s application for arrest warrants

What are the factual & legal implications of the Prosecutor’s request? Find out from international law experts Noam Lubell & Maria Varaki.Learn more
Safe Routes to Home

Safe Routes to Home

Supporting more legal, safe and compassionate immigration and asylum policiesLearn more
Weaponisation of Faith Against Uyghur Women

Weaponisation of Faith Against Uyghur Women

with Dr Rachel Harris, Uyghur Activist Rahima Mahmut and Dr Ewelina U. OchabLearn more

We aim to inspire the next generation of human rights advocates

At René Cassin, we provide unique and enriching leadership-oriented initiatives that help build the skills to promote social justice and human rights.

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Europe Convention on Human Rights: stay signed in.
Debora Singer MBE

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My mother fled the Holocaust to the UK as a kid – refugee children today deserve better.
Debora Singer MBE

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Simple Acts of Compassion: Then and Now.
Debora Singer MBE

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Jewish human rights charity protests about European Convention exit threat by Tories.

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More from René Cassin

Our YouTube Channel offers a wealth of further information and discussion of human rights topics.


There’s a new Government in place and it’s time to organise! We’ve joined forces with @YLALawyers to organise for better access to justice- now we want you to join us, here's how🧵1/


On this day 29 years ago, at #Srebrenica, more than 8,000 Muslim people were murdered.
We hope the UK gov takes the necessary steps towards #AtrocityPrevention with the hope there will be no need to commemorate any more victims in the future.
🔗Read more: https://renecassin.org/srebrenica-statement-2024-2/

Following the proposal to the #ICC to issue arrest warrants for Hamas and Israeli leaders, we ask what the legal implications of the request are. Find out from renowned international law experts @nlubell & @maria_varaki

📅Mon 29th July
🎟 https://lnkd.in/evGsPsF3

🚨BREAKING: Rwanda scheme is scrapped by Keir Starmer.

This is a win for refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of torture and people campaigning to end the cruel scheme.

This is a first step towards #CompassionNotCruelty to rebuild the UK's asylum system.

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What people say...

“Always an immense pleasure to do anything in association with Rene Cassin – I feel so lucky to be involved with such a brilliant organisation.”

Margret Greenfields, member of René Cassin’s Advisory Council

What people say...

“I love the work you are doing. Really appreciate your emails and actions. I only wish I had more time at the moment to contribute more to your excellent mission, but as I can’t, I wanted to make this regular donation as one of my favourite organisations advancing human rights. I will engage when I can.”

What people say...

“Congratulations on the outstanding event last night. An excellent group of eloquent speakers and clear messages.

Thanks for sending the information for HR Shabbat. At our Zoom service yesterday – at which there were members of the Leicester and Manchester Liberal communities as well as ourselves (Edinburgh) – our Rabbi, Mark Solomon, used the info pack. We had people doing various readings from it, and we agreed that we would send it out to all members of our community.”

Human Rights Shabbat Resource Feedback

What people say...

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your amazing and very insightful talk on such a relevant issue. Whilst I had some knowledge on the topic, your in-depth yet summarised explanations really got me to understand the severity of what is happening. In short, thanks for being the most interesting zoom call I’ve had all month!”

In response to a René Cassin speaker presentation on Uyghur Genocide

What people say...

“I have just read Rene Cassin’s thoughtful submission about Traveller encampments. I then found myself hooked by the rest of the website.”

What people say...

“Thank you very much for sending the Human Rights Shabbat Resources. Such an impressive range of materials.”

In response to Human Rights Shabbat Resource

What people say...

“Thank you so much for coming the other day! We really appreciate that you took time out of your day to schlep to Wales to come and run a session for Habo.”

What people say...

“The feedback that I have heard from your session has been absolutely amazing and everyone that was in your session definitely has a much better and deeper understanding of modern-day slavery.”

Speaking to Jewish youth on modern day slavery event feedback

What people say...

“As well as being valuable in shaping my ethical and political views around human rights, the ambassador programme had a large effect on my academics. In my final year of my Law Degree, I focussed on human rights law as much as possible, writing studying international and domestic human rights modules as well as writing my dissertation on the, then, Asylum and Borders Bill. Without the programme I wouldn’t have developed this academic interest which propelled me through the final year of university.”

Ambassadors Programme participant

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