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1 May, 2018 | Latest, News, Protecting Human Rights in the UK

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Over 30 Rabbis and Jewish community leaders have signed our letter to David Davis MP, urging him to use our withdrawal from the EU as an opportunity to protect and strengthen the provision of human rights.

Last week it was announced that the EU Withdrawal Bill will be brought before the House of Commons on 12th June, during which time MPs will consider and vote on the 15 amendments that have passed through the House of Lords. There are 15 amendments in total, the details of which can be found here. Several of these amendments are essential to the protection and promotion of human rights and should therefore be supported.

We have written to David Davis MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, urging him to ensure that the human rights protections provided by our membership in the European Union continue to be protected as part of the proposed EU withdrawal Bill.

Recognising the role of the UK in developing a European human rights framework in response to the horrors of the Holocaust, we urge the Government to once again put this country at the forefront of the charge for human rights, and to use our withdrawal from the European Union as an opportunity to protect and strengthen the provision of human rights“.

Read the full text of our letter here.


2nd May 2018

The EU Withdrawal Bill is now at Report stage in the House of Lords. Having passed through the House of Commons, the bill is nearing the end of the process before it receives royal assent and is inscribed into law.

Two weeks ago (18th April), the House of Lords began voting on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill that had been tabled by peers. The latest list of amendments, which include many on human rights and equality safeguards, can be found here. Voting will continue until the 8th May.

Once the bill has passed Report Stage, there will be a Third Reading in the Lords before being sent back to the House of Commons where MPs will consider the Lords’ amendments.


Enhanced Protections:

The Government was defeated by 314 to 217 as Peers voted in favour of Amendment 11, tabled by Baroness Hayter, to ensure enhanced protection of EU law in certain areas. Speaking before the vote, Baroness Hayter warned that, without any protection, employment, equality rights and environmental standards “could be weakened by secondary legislation”.

Retention of the EU Charter:

Peers voted 316 to 245 in favour of Lord Pannick’s Amendment 15 on keeping the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Practising lawyer and Cross-bencher Lord Pannick opened the debate by stating that removal of the rights enshrined by the Charter would be “unprincipled and unjustified”.

Lords have also voted to:

  • Limit ‘Henry VIII powers’, and thus impose greater restrictions on ministerial powers through a number of amendments.
  • Allow Parliament to have a meaningful vote on the final deal.

Given that the Government does not have a secure majority when it comes to Brexit votes, this signals to ministers that the current bill “does not adequately preserve fundamental rights and standards​”.

René Cassin will continue to follow the votes and work with other organisations to encourage support for amendments which ensure that fundamental rights are safeguarded.

For more information:

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