Israel/Gaza Statement

28 Mar, 2024 | Latest, News, Press releases and statements

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March 2024

On 13th October last year, we expressed our horror at the terrorist atrocities carried out by Hamas and other Palestinian extremists in Israel and our solidarity with the victims (including the hostages) and their families.

We also expressed our concern for the innocent victims in the Gaza Strip and called on Israel to act within the parameters of international law and to protect civilian life as it takes steps to defend itself against Hamas and other aggressors in Gaza.

Over five months into this conflict, we reiterate each aspect of this message and further call upon Hamas to release the hostages held in Gaza without pre-conditions and to further comply with International Humanitarian Law by ending its use of civilian infrastructure to shield military installations thus exposing civilians to risk.

As an organisation that promotes and protects universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values, we reaffirm the intrinsic value of each human life and express our profound hope that, from out of the horror and trauma of this war, a path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians may be pursued.

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