Launching: 190 for C190!

8 Jun, 2021 | Latest, Women's Rights

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René Cassin is working with the Alliance of Jewish Women and their Organisations to take a stand against sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace.

Gender-based violence remains one of the most tolerated violations of workers’ human rights. According to statistics, 35% of women – 818 million women globally – over the age of 15 have experienced sexual or physical violence at home, in their communities or in the workplace.

C190 is the “Violence and Harassment” Convention, adopted on 21 June 2019 by the International Labour Conference. It establishes the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment. It is the first international law to do so. C190 is supplemented by Recommendation 206 (R206), which gives further, more detailed guidance on how the Convention should be implemented at national level.

“Convention 190 recognises our right to a world of work free from gender-based violence and harassment”

“Convention 190 recognises our right to a world of work free from gender-based violence and harassment

Workplace harassment disproportionately affects women

Be one of the 190 Jewish workers who will help end sexual harassment in the workplace today:

“Our Jewish tradition is built on the values of dignity and justice.”

Read more about C190 here

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