Meet our 2024 Human Rights Ambassadors

16 Jan, 2024 | Human Rights Ambassador Programme, Latest

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Get to know our new 2024 Ambassadors and why they want to stand for human rights.

Adam Olichik

Hello! I’m Adam, I’m a 17-year-old Israeli living in the UK. I am currently doing my A-levels in Chemistry, Politics, and Business and wish to enlist in the IDF after I finish them. I’ve always loved politics and debating current issues and have always wanted to work in the political sector. I’m a liberal and big on human rights, so I’m very excited to see what I can get from this programme!

Georgia Slatner

I’m Georgia and I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for René Cassin. I am currently studying Politics, Psychology and English Literature. My love for politics makes this the most amazing opportunity paired with my faith and religion. I’m passionate about music, charity and fashion and hope to utilise my debate skills throughout this journey. Can’t wait to start and represent my community and views. 

Jacob Leon

My name is Jacob, I am studying Maths, Economics, and Politics. I am really looking forward to making a difference in the world with this programme! 

Leo Rosenthal

I am Leo Rosenthal, I’m a 17-year-old student in year 12 at JFS where I study History, Politics, and English Literature. After this, I hope to study something similar at university. I’m particularly interested in and enjoy politics and history. This has helped me to formulate my political opinions and beliefs which in turn have led me to become passionate about attempting to tackle and solve human rights issues. I have chosen to participate in this programme in order to gain clarity and experience on how I can effectively pursue my interests in these fields.

Madison Grant-Gold

Hi, I am Madison Grant-gold, a 16-year-old A-level student at JCoSS. I am currently studying Drama, Politics, and Media. Since I started studying politics, I have gained a huge interest in human rights and human rights issues. As soon as I learned about the 1998 Human Rights Act, I immediately wanted to know more. I feel that this course will help me understand the complexity of human rights issues as well as give me the ability to campaign and fight for certain issues. I care a lot about arts and culture, so I want to learn more about how they contribute to human rights issues.

Nikki Taylor

Nikki works as a Policy & Advocacy Consultant to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Extraordinary Rendition. She sits on the Young Lawyers Committee of the Human Rights Lawyers Association and volunteers with UN Women UK and the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union. She previously worked as a Paralegal at the Infected Blood Inquiry and as a Research Assistant for Tallawah Justice for Women.

Nikki is a Law and Spanish LLB and Global Security MSc graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow respectively. She speaks Spanish to an advanced level.

Odelia Kamhi

I am Odelia, I am a recent graduate in History and Political Economy from King’s College London. I am excited to contribute to meaningful discussions on current human rights campaigns with an empowered group of René Cassin activists. I hope to enrich my skills as an advocate and learn more about the Jewish values underpinning human rights activism.

Rafi Selig

I am Rafi Selig. I study Philosophy, History, and Politics at JFS. I hope to develop skills as an advocate as I am passionate about the rights of the people who live around the world.


I’m Gavriella and I’m in Year 12. Currently, I’m studying English Literature, History and Politics. I’m a passionate human rights activist, and have written articles about human rights abuses around the world, such as the genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the military coup in Myanmar, and the rollback of women’s rights under the Taliban in Afghanistan. I’m also an aspiring journalist, having done work experience at the Jewish Chronicle in the summer, and I’m currently an editor of my school magazine.

In my free time, I enjoy writing historical fiction and murder mysteries, playing tennis, and reading both non-fiction and fiction.

Lily Lovell

Hi! I’m Lily. Currently, I am in my final year of studying English Literature at Royal Holloway. I am in the process of applying for an MA in Human Rights Law with the intention to work in this field. This is a long-held desire which comes from wanting to help others and to pursue justice–which my faith connects to.

So I am really excited to start this program. It will give me invaluable experience for working in human rights while allowing me to have more of an idea of how to create a change in the areas I am interested in.  

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