Meet the 2020 Ambassador Cohort

6 Oct, 2020 | Human Rights Ambassador Programme

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September saw the launch of René Cassin’s Human Rights Ambassador Programme. The programme brings together students from across the UK to raise awareness and campaign for change in human rights areas which resonate with Jewish experience and principles. Ambassadors are mentored by experts in their area of interest and will present their Human Rights projects in January 2021. Meet the 2020 cohort and read their bios below:

René Cassin Human Rights Ambassador 2020 Cohort

Evie Cawte is a student at the University of Birmingham and has expressed an interest in the gendered violence that women face in detention, particularly the topic of forced sterilisation and mass sexual assault. She is mentored by Hannah Swirsky at Centenary Action Group.

Jonathan Gibson is a sixth-form student and a project leader at Burst the Bubble UK. He is passionate about standing up against anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hate and fighting for freedom of religion and speech. He is mentored by René Cassin Director Mia Hasenson-Gross.

Ari Deller is a student at University of Edinburgh. Like René Cassin, he believes being an advocate for universal human rights is an extension of Jewish experience and principles. He is passionate about the persecution of Uyghur Muslims and the fact that ‘Never Again’ is now.

Alfie Futerman is a Law student at the University of Birmingham. He has volunteered at Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais and is interested in changing the narrative on the ‘refugee crisis’. He is mentored by René Cassin Education and Communication Officer, Moses Seitler.

Amy Bentham studied Politics at the University of Leeds and was peer-reviewer for the Leeds Human Rights Journal. She is particularly interested in the rights of Uyghurs and the stain of modern-day genocide, as well as for refugees and asylum-seekers. She is mentored by René Cassin director, Mia Hasenson-Gross.

Stav Salpeter is a student of International Relations and International Law at the University of Edinburgh. She is the Cheider Coordinator and Teacher at the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, and has experience with social entrepreneurship projects which support  immigrants in Norway.

Uri Shine is a Psychology and Philosophy student at University College, Oxford, and has expressed an interest in the rights of those with mental health issues. He has volunteered with GIFT and the Hope Agency, and is mentored by Sam Alston

Debbie Shamir is a student at the University of Edinburgh and has expressed an interest in the way that narratives of the right shape our understanding of human rights issues. She is mentored by Lauren Chaplin.

Elana Keiles is a student at the University of Birmingham reading Geography and has expressed an interested in Uyghur rights and refugee rights. She has volunteered with Help Refugees and led camps and educational activities with RSY Netzer. She is mentored by René Cassin’s Campaigns Officer, Jessye Berkowitz-Werner.

Henry Cohn is a Law student at Glasgow University and is interested in the changing asylum system in the UK. He has volunteered with Amnesty International and is being mentored by Dr Barbara Warnock.

Jack Lubner is a student at Cambridge University, is active in the Labour movement and recently organised the Uyghur event with René Cassin and Jewish Labour Movement. His mentor is René Cassin development manager Sam Watson

Stephanie Brodkin is a student at Henrietta Barnett school and has expressed an interest in LGBTQ+ rights and the freedom for all to freely express their gender and sexuality and be met with acceptance rather than discrimination

Michal Rahimi is a modern languages student at Oxford and is particualrly in discrimination and the family rights of refugees. She has volunteered at a Refugee Homework Club for primary school children. She is being mentored by RCFP alumnus Bella Lever.

Eleanor Compton is a student at University of Birmingham and is interested in the injustice of immigration detention, particularly its indefinite nature in the UK. She is mentored by Esther Offenberg, who sits on the board of Faiths United Youth Network.

Chani Meyer is a student at UCL and has expressed an interest in campaigning in support of Uyghur Muslims, particularly closing the camps at the heart of the oppression. She is mentored by Anthony Silkoff at the Board of Deputies.

Ayala Kelman is a student at the University of Birmingham and expressed an interest in the rights of Uyghur Muslims and how our sartorial choices have consequences for the human rights of others. She is mentored by Esther Offenberg.

Benjamin Arkus is a student at Brampton College. His study of politics has orientated his interest in the Human Rights Act. He is mentored by Debora Singer, who leads on René Cassin’s campaign to protect the Human Rights Act.

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