René Cassin’s response to the government’s consultation on the New Plan for Immigration

18 May, 2021 | Asylum and Detention, Latest, Stop the hostile environment

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At the end of last month, René Cassin submitted a response to the Home Office’s plans to overhaul the asylum and immigration systems in the United Kingdom. A summary response is detailed below:

“As ‘speakers by experience’ we believe the outlined plans, and the language used in this consultation, paint a prejudiced picture of a deceptive, threatening and unknowable ‘asylum seeker’ against whom these proposals are necessary to ‘protect’ the existing population of this country. This fear-mongering runs counter to substantive and evidence-based policy linked to the complex needs of refugees and asylum seekers and it stands against basic British values of fairness and compassion. 

We wholeheartedly reject the negative framing of these new proposals around finding a ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ of ‘disingenuous’ versus ‘genuine’ asylum claims. This serves only to justify proposed changes to immigration policy which do immeasurable harm to migrants and asylum seekers. We also firmly oppose the prejudicial and hostile approach to migrants and asylum seekers embedded in this consultation’s questions, assumptions, proposals and general language. Not only is it deeply careless, but it also poses a threat to the everyday lives of those it depicts and to the tolerance of our society as a whole. “

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