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8 Oct, 2019 | Latest

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 This year’s Human Rights Shabbat is on the 7th and 8th of December, events can happen over that Shabbat and in the week leading up to it. Human Rights Shabbat is held every year on the anniversary of the ratification of the universal declaration of human rights and is a time for Jewish communities around the country to consider how the interconnection of Judaism and Human Rights.

Last year was our biggest ever Human Rights Shabbat and this year we are aiming to reach even more Jewish communities.

This year Human Rights Shabbat is around a particularly pertinent theme of tackling hate crime.  Hate crime is rising across our society, including anti-Semitic incidents which are at an all-time high. Providing human rights framing to this issue will be widely welcomed in Jewish communities.

You can sign your community, youth movement, J-SOC, or school up to Human Rights Shabbat 5778 today!

If you signs up, you will be offered:

•             Connections to leading speakers for a speaking event during the week leading up to Human Rights Shabbat

•             Jewish text sources for sermon ideas and study sessions

•             Information and talking points on the issue of Hate Crime in the UK

•             Ideas and resources for children’s activities

•             Links on how to get further involved with the issue

•             Posters and materials to promote the day

•             Bespoke support to take a more in-depth look at specific issues around Hate Crime

•             Recognition for taking part in the day

To sign up and receive further information, simply send an email to and register your interest and appoint a primary point of contact within your community.

You can check out last year’s Human Rights Shabbat materials here.

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