“Social media: friend or foe of human rights?” – winner of René Cassin ‘Human Writes’ essay competition announced

14 Jan, 2020 | 'Human writes', Latest

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Claudia Hyde, winner in our annual ‘Human Writes’ essay competition winner, receives her prize from René Cassin’s Mia Hasenson-Gross. Claudia wins a copy of Philippe Sands’ East West Street and a cheque for £100.

We asked the question, and Claudia answered:

” … social media interacts with our human rights in diverse ways and its impact can be considered through many different lenses …”

“… the mass collection and sale of data to third-party companies can have, and is having, serious repercussions for the human rights of millions of people globally …”

“… social media has an enormous potential for organising, inspiring and igniting political protest. However, authoritarian regimes have now begun to harness this potential in order to violate human rights.”

You can read or download her full essay here: “Social media: friend or foe of human rights?” Claudia Hyde

Competition judge, Adam Wagner, barrister and founder of Each Other (RightsInfo) website said: “It is a well-put together essay expressing the dangers which the rise of social media pose to human rights protections. The examples and sources are usefully deployed and the conclusion is accurate in its proposal for the future. A thoughtful piece which made me think, thank you for writing it.”

Warm congratulations to Claudia, and thank you to all our other entrants. And, of course, many thanks to Adam for judging this year’s competition.

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