Take a Step to End Uyghur Forced Labour

16 Aug, 2023 | Genocide, Latest

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The Chinese government’s persecution of the Uyghurs reflects some of the worst human rights violations, including torture, forced sterilisation, sexual abuse, political ‘re-education’, forced labour and separating children from their families.

In 2021 the Uyghur Tribunal found the Chinese government guilty of the crimes of torture, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Uyghurs depend on actions taken by decision-makers, businesses and civil society to secure a life of dignity and safety.

cost of your outfit

What Is The Cost Of Your Outfit?


Many major brands such as SheinLevi Strauss & Co.Zara and Uniqlo have been accused of using cotton harvested using Uyghur slave labour in the Uyghur region.


Despite claims that its Taekwang factory no longer uses forced labour, Nike has failed to produce any actual details beyond a vague statement. Nike’s due diligence is insufficient to guarantee that there is no forced labour in its supply chains.


Shein’s model of relying on thousands of third-party suppliers in China to produce batches of clothes may make wrongdoing hard to prove.

A full investigation into the company’s links to the Uyghur region looks likely to begin soon.

Uyghur forced labour chrom extension

What you can do:
???? Download the ‘Uyghur Forced Labour Checker’, Google Chrome Extention here
???? Research and consider the brands whose products you buy
???? Pressure companies complicit in forced labour via social media or petitions
✍ Encourage your local counsellors and MP to engage with the issue

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