The Judith Social Justice Speaker Series

30 Jun, 2022 | Events, Latest

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We are delighted to be running the Judith Social Justice Speaker Series, made up of talks on issues affecting women and girls.

The Series:

The Judith Social Justice Speaker Series will run until the end of 2022. The series cuts across a wide range of issues, from policing violence against women to healthcare, disability and hate crime. We are hosting partner organisations old and new to talk about the issues facing their communities right now. Together, we are building knowledge, sharing experience and promoting human rights for all. We really hope you will be able to join us for some of these exciting sessions. We would like to thanks Dr Annette Lawson for her guidance throughout this process and for her willingness to chair some of these sessions.


Themed around Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote, “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home”, the series works through public places, spiritual places and global places, deep-diving into the challenges faced by marginalised groups in these contexts:

Part 1: Public Places – exploring safety and inclusion for marginalised groups in public contexts (this part of the series has now been completed)

Disabled Women’s Experiences of Hate Crime//When the Police Fail to Protect Women//The Harms of Immigration Detention

Part 2: Spiritual Places – exploring safety and inclusion for marginalised groups in public contexts

Interactions between Disability. Dignity and Judaism//Spirituality and Inclusion//Jewish Community Inclusion Practices

Part 3: Global Places – exploring safety and inclusion for marginalised groups in public contexts

No Recourse to Public Funds//The Climate Crisis

Reflecting on Part One:

Audience member, Fran Springfield said:

“Louise’s talk gave an insightful snapshot of the difficulties disabled people face when trying to report hate crime. The police are beginning to look at how they can improve their response. My own experience and that of others I know indicates sadly this has not yet filtered down to local beat police officers. I look forward to that changing.”

Women’s Rights Campaigns Officer, Rachel, said:

“We were really honoured to be joined by Pippa, Adam and Jonathan. In a political climate that is intent on forcing women to choose between their rights and ability to participate fully in society, it felt apt to be having this discussion about failures of policing. We are committed to supporting campaign initiatives that think critically about increased policing in the name of women’s rights. There has never been a more urgent time to address the rights of women – Adam, Pippa and Jonathan are helping to set the precedent for women’s safety in the UK.”

Women for Refugee Women said this about our work together:

“It has been fantastic working with René Cassin on the campaign to stop Hassockfield detention centre from opening. Their amplification of the campaign, and help in reaching new audiences, has been invaluable. Now that Hassockfield has unfortunately opened, we know that we can continue to count on René Cassin’s support and solidarity to shut it down.”

Judith Social Justice Series Session 4: Disability Rights UK Tickets, Mon 5 Sep 2022 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

Women’s Rights Campaign Officer, Rachel, said:

“We were so pleased to be able to host Fazilet to hear more about the work of Disability Rights UK. Fazilet’s presentation was so comprehensive, she went through a number of the major issues facing people with disabilities in the UK, including the continued ramifications of COVID-19 and rising concerns amidst the cost of living crisis. We were joined by over 30 guests, including representatives from Liberty, JustFair and Transport for All. We are looking forward to working further with Disability Rights UK in the future.”

You can watch a recording of the session on our Youtube Channel here.

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