Valentine’s Day Action for Refugees 2024

10 Feb, 2024 | Asylum and Detention, Latest, Stop the hostile environment

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This Valentine’s Day, share refugee solidarity Valentine’s Day cards and show that the Jewish community is one of love and solidarity for refugees and supports a fair new plan for refugees on social media.

Letter Template

Dear friend, 

This Valentine’s Day, I am writing to share love and solidarity with you, to make it clear to you and political leaders that I welcome you into our community. 

As people with a history of persecution, the ability to seek refuge has been essential to Jewish survival. We oppose any attempt to water down a framework that gives practical expression to the idea that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and receive equal access to justice. 

The horrors of the Holocaust led to the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), and the convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Refugee Convention). I am sending you this letter as a sign of solidarity with you and all refugees.  

I am proud to belong to a community that has opened its homes, volunteered and speaks up in support of others experiencing the need for safety and asylum. It is obvious that welcoming refugees is positive for creating an enriched society just as many of our relatives did when they sought safety in the UK. 

I join an overwhelming support across the UK for a fair new plan for refugees, one that is rooted in fairness, justice and compassion – a positive alternative to the current uncaring, costly and chaotic refugee system. Now is the time for a fairer and more compassionate approach towards refugees in the UK.  

I stand with you in solidarity and friendship, 

[sign your name]  

Download the full letter template here.

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