“I hate injustice” – Ruby

17 Oct, 2016 | Blogs, Latest, News, Slavery and Trafficking

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Ruby is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah later this year. Inspired by the Torah portion she will be reading in Synagogue she is generously raising money and awareness on the issue of modern day slavery. Have a read of what inspired Ruby to do this below. If you are interested in doing something similar to Ruby don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@renecassin.org. If you want to read more on our work on modern day slavery click here.


Ruby is raising money for René Cassin

“My name is Ruby and as part of my Bat Mitzvah at Finchley Progressive Synagogue, my tzedakah project is to raise funds for René Cassin. My Torah portion Va-yeira involves Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and for my Dvar Torah I am focussing on the themes of slavery, women’s lives and power. I hate injustice, just like Monsieur René Cassin the French judge, who also cared so much about human rights.  

In modern times we know that women can still be slaves and have their rights taken away from them just like Hagar in this story. Throughout history, women who have had less wealth and fortune have often found themselves being forced into marriages or being exploited. 

René Cassin is trying to help women like Hagar to become independent and live their lives in freedom by campaigning to end human trafficking and modern slavery, this important work spoke to me and seemed to be a great fit with my Torah portion. I will be raising money through organising a tea party where I will be selling my art work.”

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