Let’s take the Human Rights road to Brexit

27 Mar, 2018 | Latest, Promotion, Protecting Human Rights in the UK

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Dear Reader

Many who voted to leave the EU saw it as a bid for freedom – throwing off the yoke of Brussels and asserting sovereignty and national identity. Now Britain faces a perilous and uncertain journey. But, they say, beyond the desert of decisions and the mountains of negotiations, a promised land awaits.

The parallels with the Jewish exodus from slavery in Egypt are seductive. As Pesach approaches and we Jews prepare to celebrate our freedom, we should also reflect on the journey we are about to make.

Are we ready for that journey?  We should ensure we leave nothing vital behind. We should be ready to help those of our neighbours least able to make the journey themselves. And we should tread in the steps of those who have gone before us.

On the Brexit journey – let’s not leave our human rights behind

Two elements of the current Brexit process mean that we could lose significant rights:

  • Ministers will be able to amend or revoke laws guaranteeing equality and human rights – without first allowing Parliament to scrutinise their actions
  • The proposed exclusion of  the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights from UK law will make it more difficult for individuals to enforce their rights

René Cassin is working with other charities to argue that leaving the EU should not lead to lower standards of human rights protection.

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On the Brexit journey – let’s help our most vulnerable neighbours

In the arguments about the pros and cons of Brexit, one thing seems certain. Since the referendum vote there has been a surge in hate crime. This disproportionately affects our most marginalised neighbours. Jews have suffered a rise in Anti-Semitism, and we know how hate crime hurts. We also know it is vital to stand up to bullies and show solidarity when other minorities are vilified.

In response, René Cassin has decided to prioritise the issue of hate crime:

  • We have brought Jewish leaders and members of the UK’s Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities together to discuss hate crime and agree ways of combatting it
  • With like-minded organisations, we are working on a number of initiatives – including a review of current legislation with a view to proposing a new, comprehensive hate crime law

With your help, René Cassin will ensure that Brexit does not come at a cost to the UK’s most vulnerable minorities – please make a donation today

On the Brexit journey – let’s follow the maps of those who have gone before

This year sees the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UDHR was a roadmap for humanity’s journey out of the darkness and despair of the Holocaust.

So, as we begin our Brexit journey, we do so as part of a wider community of nations determined to remember the lessons of the past, and proud of the achievements of international solidarity and cooperation.

Our namesake, the French-Jewish Monsieur René Cassin, co-wrote the UDHR and has been called ‘the father of the Declaration’. This year we are celebrating the UDHR’s vision and remembering its origins.

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