Misogyny as Hate Crime: Supporting the Amendment to ensure Law Commission Review is not neglected

26 May, 2021 | Latest, Women's Rights

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“Misogyny is the soil in which violence against women grows”

 Mel Jeffs, CEO Nottingham Women’s Centre

What is the amendment?

  • The campaign to make misogyny a hate crime began as a grassroots effort
  • In late April 2021, Stella Creasy MP tabled an amendment to the Police Crime and Sentencing and Courts Bill to require the Government to implement a review into hate crime within three months of the bill becoming law.
  • The amendment would ensure that parliament has ample time to enact the outcome of the review into hate crime, including opportunities for parliament to scrutinise if they so wish. A timely review keeps up the momentum of the successful Make Misogyny a Hate Crime campaign. The government might have agreed to trail period to record misogyny  as a hate crime, but we do not want to stall on the issue of women’s safety.

Why is René Cassin supporting it?

  • Women’s rights are human rights. Women have the right to live free from violence and discrimination and we will do all we can to ensure this right is fully realised. “Misogyny is the soil in which violence against women grows”- stopping misogynistic hate crime is a crucial first step to ensuring the long-term safety of women and girls
  • At René Cassin, our #CutItOut campaign brings people together to call out abusive or inflammatory speech. Through the campaign, we have been addressing crime against Jews, Muslims, the Gypsy Roma Traveller community, the LGBTQ+ community as well as addressing racism in its myriad forms.
  • Via the #CutItOut campaign, we address misogyny, and we are working to further sediment violence against women and girls into our new women’s rights campaign as well as continuing to develop it through our existing portfolio.

What will René Cassin be doing?

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