New Horizons Festival of Women’s Rights

12 Nov, 2021 | Education, Events, Latest, Women's Rights

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René Cassin is running an exciting programme of events to highlight and inform our new work on women’s rights.

The festival explores and celebrates the rights of women, and the wonderful work taking place within the Jewish community and wider society to promote women’s social justice. It asseses the legacy of women’s rights and the new directions in which campaigns are headed. Over 10 days, we examine the multifaceted reality of being a woman in a ‘post-pandemic’ world, socio-economic challenges to gender equality and building bold, determined Jewish communities in the quest for full equality.

More than 30 events over ten days! Download a full programme – HERE

Festival Programme

Events listed below are confirmed. More sessions are being added, so check this page regularly. All sessions are online and free to attend.

Book your places, get involved, help shape the future of women’s rights.

Friday 26 November

10.30 am

When Religious Freedom Suffers, so do the Rights of Women

Exploring women’s rights and the intersectionality with freedom of religion and belief with – Laura Marks OBE and Katharine Thane

Sunday 28 November

12 noon

Tech and Gender Based Violence: New Horizons Workshop

Interactive workshop on relationship between tech & gender-based violence. And a taste of what it’s like to work in a feminist tech organisation.

12 noon

Disability Rights and the Jewish Community: My experience as a disabled woman

Understanding the challenges facing disabled women and exploring opportunities for improvement.

7.30 pm

‘We are shadows; our souls dead’: Female suffering in the Uyghur genocide

How and why Uyghur women have been targeted by the Chinese regime – focusing on the role of women as ‘culture carriers’ in Uyghur society.

8 pm

Creating a Caring Economy: The work of the UK’s Women’s Budget Group

Is a caring economy is an idea whose time has come? Marion Sharples of the Women’s Budget Group sets out an alternative economic model.

Monday 29 November

8 am

The Commonwealth Interfaith CommUNITY – Why intersectional feminism matters

Intersectional feminism across faith groups – with Lauren Keiles, Board of Deputies of British Jews & Mary Mukyala, a Christian from Uganda.

12 noon

Building a More Compassionate Political Landscape: New Horizons Workshop

The need for more compassion is evident – but how can we get it? This workshop will give you useful tools for bridge-building & resilience.

12 noon

“Women Who Kill” Centre for Women’s Justice

The lessons of CWJ’s ground-breaking work, including recommendations for reform – with Harriet Wistrich, Katy Swaine Williams & Varda Bondy.

7.30 pm

“It is a Marathon, not a Sprint”: An evening with Dame Margaret Hodge

She’s been a feminist & campaigner on women’s rights for as long as she can remember – hear Dame Margaret in conversation with Amanda Bowman.


Digital Self-Defence and Self-Care: New Horizons Workshop

Have a flourishing online presence without compromising your wellbeing. Expert advice on how to protect yourself from online abuse.

Tuesday 30 November

9.30 am

Young Women Facing Unemployment

Exploring the experiences of young women navigating today’s job market and benefits system – difficulties, challenges, & ideas for change. With the Young Women’s Trust.

9.30 am

UJS Women Presidents: Where are they now?

In its more than 100 year history, the Union of Jewish Students has had only nine female Presidents. Why? Come and find out from no less than five of those women ex-presidents.

12 noon

‘Building Back Better’ with Caroline Nokes MP

How will the government’s post-Covid plans impact on women & girls? With Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of the Women & Equalities Select Committee.

7.30 pm

Heads Up Shoulders Back: Effective campaigning as a young woman in politics

What lessons can we learn from the campaign to make misogyny a hate crime? Hear from Bella Ford who, with Stella Creasy MP, led that campaign.

7.30 pm

Reclaiming Mikveh as Feminist Practice

Exploring the origins of the custom, the journey women have historically taken with it, and how it is being reclaimed for everybody today.

Wednesday 1 December

9.30 am

Stepping into your Power and Creating Change: New Horizons Workshop

Young Women’s Trust members share the skills and tools that will help you to create change.

12 noon

Keeping Faith in Feminism

Grappling with race, religion, and intersectionality – how diverse communities can be vehicles for building a liberated future.

12 noon

How the Justice System is Failing Women

Can our criminal justice system ever be fit for purpose when it comes to violence against women and girls? If so, what changes are needed? With Rebecca Hitchen of the End Violence Against Women Coalition.

7.30 pm

An Evening with Jess Phillips MP

Jess has committed her life to improving the lives of others, and encouraging women & girls to take back power and control. Expect wisdom, wit, and plain-speaking from this inspirational politician.

Thursday 2 December

9 am

Dual Hate: Antisemitism, Misogyny and what we can do about it

The origins of these dual hatreds, the ways in which they manifest today, and suggestions as to what we can do about it all – with Danny Stone MBE & Dame Louise Ellman.

12 noon

Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community: The Impact of COVID-19

Women experiencing domestic abuse have fared parrticularly badly in the isolation of the pandemic – hear how Jewish Women’s Aid has responded.

7.30 pm

Expanding the Palace of Torah: Where next for Orthodox Jewish women?

Nearly 20 years ago, Dr Tamar Ross wrote her seminal work, Expanding the Palace of Torah. What changes have there been over the last two decades for women in Orthodoxy? What are the challenges and opportunities today?

Sunday 5 December

11 am

Writing Workshop

Placing women’s voices at the forefront – an interfaith workshop with writers Elizabeth Arif-Fear and Emily Zinkin.

12 noon

Inspired by Hope: New visions for empowered consent education

Discussing violence against young women & girls – particularly in Jewish communities – and necessity and intricacies of prevention education.

5 pm

Jewish Teens for Empowered Consent: New Horizons Workshop

Workshop follow up to the session “Inspired by Hope: New visions for empowered consent education” (see above)

Monday 6 December

12 noon

Journeys: Jewish Women’s Stories of Displacement and Migration

Diving into the lives of Jewish women who journeyed to Britain from Baghdad, Cairo, Marrakesh, Tehran and beyond.

6 pm

Food Security, Women and the Prevention of Genocide

Led by Jewish World Watch, a US based organisation that works to bring help and healing to survivors of mass atrocities around the globe, and to inspire people of all faiths and cultures to join the ongoing fight against genocide

7.30 pm

Celebrating Uyghur Culture and Jewish Friendship

Uyghur cooking demonstration and a conversation about the importance of culture, family, and friendship.

Download a full programme – HERE

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