‘The Boy Who Changed the Law’ – Human Rights Act School Resources

28 Jun, 2017 | Education, Latest, Protecting Human Rights in the UK, Resources

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Human Rights Act films and citizenship education resources

The Human Rights Act is often portrayed by politicians and the media in a very negative light, only benefitting unpopular people.  Debora Singer writes and produces independent films to counter this narrative.  Through her films, she demonstrates dramatically how the Human Rights Act benefits ordinary people in their ordinary lives.

Debora’s film The Boy Who Changed The Law, (directed by Nick Pilton) tells the true story of a 17 year old detained in a London police station for twelve hours without being allowed to phone his Mum.  Separated and not knowing what is going on, both he and his mother become very distressed.   He subsequently uses the Human Rights Act to change the law for future young people, a change that benefits 75,000 children each year.

Education resources

Debora has also produced a free education pack aimed at citizenship education for key stage 4 and 5 (14-18 year olds).

The pack consists of:

This resource pack was produced with support from Jon Meier, teacher/advisor.

If you use these resources, we would welcome feedback via info@renecassin.org

Debora’s other film Sunrise, not Sunset tells of an elderly couple who face separation when their local authority plans to place them in separate residential homes.  It demonstrates how the Human Rights Act can be of use in situations that any of us could face. This film was inspired by a true story.

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