René Cassin Human Rights Ambassador Programme

4 Aug, 2020 | Education, Human Rights Ambassador Programme, Latest

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What is the programme actually like? Feedback from the 2020 cohort:

“The sessions was very well planned and led, with the sub-topics discussed presented in a very approachable yet informative way. The speakers themselves were very engaging and knowledgeable.”

“[The sessions are] really interactive which was nice as I didn’t feel like I was in a lecture, really got a group feeling. So interesting and I am excited about the next session!”

“The facts about the extent to which the UK has slavery today has stuck with me. As has noticing our group’s collective desire to bring about positive change.”

Welcome to the main page of the René Cassin Human Rights Ambassador Programme.

The Ambassador Programme is an enriching, leadership-orientated initiative to empower young Jewish human rights activists. The programme will equip university students and sixth-former with the knowledge and skills to advocate in support of marginalised communities and to campaign for change in specific human rights areas which resonate with Jewish values and experience. The programme will help to refine and amplify the voices of young Jewish activists in the UK.

The programme will combine two bespoke capacity-building events with guided support for each Ambassador’s chosen project, in which participants will present at an event or produce a piece of creative work on an important human rights issue. The first session will be an introduction to René Cassin and a workshop on what makes an effective human rights activist, and the second will be an introduction to human rights areas which resonate with Jewish experience and principles. The programme will operate remotely. 

In addition to these sessions, ambassadors will receive René Cassin resources and support from our Education and Community Engagement Officer to facilitate their chosen initiative. Ambassadors will be encouraged to either facilitate an event, produce a written research report, record video footage, audio recording or creative or artistic work to raise awareness, share knowledge and take action on human rights abuses. They will have a chance to showcase their work during the week leading up to Human Rights Shabbat on 12 December 2020. 

Develop your leadership skills

Over the course of the year, Ambassadors will develop key leadership-orientated and transferrable skills which will sit well on personal statements and CV’s. We are keen to encourage young people to advocate on behalf of others, to co-ordinate with different stakeholders and speak publicly about what matters to them. The experiences at the heart of the programme should help young Jews explore their understanding of the Jew in relation to others, develop the skills needed to lead the Jewish community in the secular world, and the confidence to face the challenges of our day head on.

René Cassin alumni

When Ambassadors complete the programme, they will join a growing alumni network of engaged, outward-facing Jews who are dedicated to bringing about a change in the world. The network will be a virtual space in which human rights news and events can be shared, new initiatives can thrive, and advice can be shared about advocating for human rights in your communities, on campus and as they into the workplace.

Capacity-building sessions to be held virtually on Monday 7 September 2020 and Monday 2 November. 

To apply, complete this application form by 2 September 2020

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