Srebrenica Statement 2024

11 Jul, 2024 | Genocide

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11 July 1995 
On this day, in 1995, at Srebrenica, more than eight thousand men and boys were murdered – simply because they were Muslim. 

This year’s theme is ‘I am because you are’. It underlines the importance of standing up against those who try to divide us and standing up for each other against hatred, discrimination, harassment or prejudice. We must stand together as allies, united in our quest for tolerance and respect. We must celebrate that which binds us and reject the hate and prejudice that tries to divide us.  
As a Jewish organisation, we stand in solidarity with everyone suffering discrimination because of their faith, ethnicity, local customs, laws or political powers denying them their fundamental human rights. We must remember that human rights protections were a response to the horrors of the Holocaust and hold with them the responsibility for peace and justice, not war and division.   
In remembrance, we hope the UK government takes the necessary steps towards atrocity prevention with the hope there will be no need to commemorate and remember any more victims of atrocities and suffering in the future.  

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