URGENT ACTION: Is Genocide acceptable to you?

8 Mar, 2021 | Blogs, Genocide, Latest

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By Ruth Barnett

“If you find genocide inflicted on peoples far away from here does not matter  – then don’t continue reading. BUT, if you find genocide inflicted on any group, however far from here, unconscionable – then read on because:

The GENOCIDE AMENDMENT to the TRADE BILL at last gives you a chance to do something towards genocide prevention:

  1. Spread the news on email and social media. To know more read this briefing produced by YetAgain
  2. Lobby your MP to represent your views in parliament – you might find this briefing helpful for when responding to your MP
  3. Sign this petition to the Prime Minister to meet with me and Dorit, both of us Holocaust survivors, ahead of vote on the Genocide Amendment

Watch this powerful video where Dorit and I urge the PM to meet with us

Thank you for reading this far – every individual has a voice but too few take the courage to use it.

Thank you and all power for your voice.


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