Holocaust Memorial Day

26 Jan, 2015 | Genocide, Latest

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Today, 27 January 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. 

René Cassin believes that one of the most critical legacies of the Holocaust is the understanding that the fight against human rights violations will never end, and that we as a society must be vigilant to any erosion of our human rights. We further believe that the tools we need to continue to fight against tyranny and oppression and protect the vulnerable exist in the form of human rights instruments such as those that Monsieur René Cassin took part in creating: notably, the European Convention on Human Rights and, in UK law, the Human Rights Act 1998 – remembrance should go hand in hand with prevention.

Furthermore, we believe that teaching about the history of the Holocaust is fundamental to establishing respect for human rights, basic freedoms and the values of tolerance and mutual respect.

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, René Cassin has joined a number of organisations to call for a stronger commitment to fighting racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination and xenophobia:

Joint Press Release-International Holocaust Day



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