“I cried from joy” – RSY-Netzer raises £350 to support survivors of human trafficking

6 Nov, 2017 | Campaigns, Latest, News, Press releases and statements, Slavery and Trafficking, Stop the hostile environment

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“I cried from joy” – RSY-Netzer raises £350 to support survivors of human trafficking

Working on a project with René Cassin, RSY-Netzer has raised £350 to support survivors of modern slavery in the UK. The money will go directly to the Snowdrop Project, which supports survivors of modern slavery in Sheffield, and will be used to refurbish the flats that survivors are placed in.

These flats are unfurnished and undecorated and have no carpets or curtains.  Moving in to accommodation like this when you have little connection to the community and no finances makes a person feel more isolated and alone and compounds mental health problems.

The Home Office estimates that 13,000 people are in conditions of slavery in the UK today. Long term support for survivors is limited and many end up never fully recovering from their traumatic experiences, with an alarming percentage finding themselves back in slavery conditions again.

Ivana*, recipient of the refurbishment programme, said:

“When I first got my council housing, it was really a disaster… Snowdrop painted the house, they furnished two rooms for the children as well as my room.  When I went there with my two children I cried from joy, I couldn’t believe my eyes that that was my house. It was all completed, all furnished, including a fully fitted kitchen. My children were so very happy. I don’t know what more to say.” 

*name changed to protect identity


Lara Glantz, Movement Worker for RSY-Netzer, said:

‘RSY-Netzer is so proud of the money raised for the Snowdrop Project. Crucially to our movement’s ideology is the importance of Tikkun Olam- repairing the world. Improving the lives of victims of human trafficking in the U.K allows us to start locally and extend ourselves beyond.’

Lara Bundock, CEO of Snowdrop Project, said:

We were thrilled to receive the £350 from RSY-Netzer.  RSY’s hard work and team spirit will allow us to turn a house in to a home.  We recently have had to do three house renovations in the last two months so the support is well timed! The money raised will help us to afford all the materials, the van hire and the volunteer expenses for one house, which allows us to help people like Ivana.*

Mia Hasenson-Gross, director of René Cassin, said:

It’s great to see RSY-Netzer take a lead on this important issue. Tackling modern slavery is an area that is rightly moving up the agenda for the Jewish community. RSY-Netzer should be congratulated for raising awareness of the issue of survivor support and finding a tangible way to contribute to tackling it. René Cassin will help any part of the Jewish community that wishes to do the same”



If you are concerned about modern slavery in your community, you can contact your local police force on 101 or the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700. If in doubt, please report it. There is more information on the National Crime Agency website, here. 


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